Medicare Experts

The best way to differentiate yourself from competitors is to become a Medicare Expert. This type of position is not attainable without some marketing strategy and advertising. Besides running an ad campaign to promote yourself as an expert, you can also form partnerships with community organizations or impactful businesses. To become a Medicare Expert, contact Excelsior, a recruitment firm in the northeast. Jeff Walsh, regional sales director of Excelsior’s Northeast division, is a licensed insurance agent with 25 years of sales experience, ancillary products, and leadership.

Ron Elledge

The book is authored by Ron Elledge, an accomplished Medicare planner and agent. Elledge is a licensed insurance agent in both Arizona and New Mexico and has helped thousands of individuals understand the ins and outs of Medicare. He specializes in Medicare for travelers and expatriates, and he’s continually updated on the rules, regulations, and enrollment protocols. He’s a popular speaker at health care conferences and contributes to International Living.

Independent Medicare advisers

Insurance brokers and agents are the two main types of Medicare advisers. A broker represents the interests of both the buyer and seller. He can negotiate the best rate for a customer’s health insurance plan and help them enroll. Although these advisers are paid, many of them are also volunteer. They are usually located near the consumer and are found through accountants and attorneys or by searching the internet. Some may also be affiliated with a specific insurance company.

Captive agents

Captive agents are insurance sales representatives who are contracted to sell one type of insurance product. Independent agents can sell any type of insurance product. Captive agents typically receive ongoing training, a national advertising budget, and extensive lists of prospective clients. As a result, they are less likely to sell you a bad plan. The main difference between captive agents and independent agents is the type of information that is provided to them. Captive agents provide Medicare and other health insurance products from several companies, while independent agents sell only one type of plan.

Documenting plan options

There are several options for Medicare Part D and Advantage coverage. Medicare requires that Medicare Advantage plans notify beneficiaries 90 days before coverage ends, and they must explain the options available to them. Medicare evaluates the plan using a five-star rating system, and it’s a good idea to take advantage of the initial enrollment period, when you can enroll in all parts of Medicare without penalty. It’s also important to document which plan options your patients have.


If your company is facing an audit from Medicare, you need¬†Florida Medicare Agent to understand what to expect from the process. As a covered entity, you are expected to fully cooperate with the audit process. That means submitting all necessary documentation and supporting documentation, and submitting additional documentation when needed. But, you can’t expect to win every time, especially if the claim is for services that were not “reasonably necessary.”