The Top 5 Mistakes People Make With Their DUI Cases

Whether you’re facing fraud charges or under investigation for some other reason, you want an experienced and aggressive Long Island criminal lawyer with a proven winning record with regards to cases similar to yours. Hiring such legal team will help you build an effective defense, whatever it may be – reducing charges significantly or even having charges completely dropped. Finding the right lawyer can be daunting, as there are so many law firms, and so many different types of lawyers available in the market. But being clear about your case type will make the search much easier for your lawyer.

For example, there are several types of attorneys working with individuals who have been accused of DWI, or driving while intoxicated. If you happen to be a motorist involved in a car accident in the presence of a drunk driver who is under the influence of alcohol, then it’s likely that the driver will be charged with DWI regardless of whether or not he actually possesses the proper licensing qualifications. Therefore, hiring a competent and aggressive Long Island DWI attorney could mean the difference between avoiding jail time and having a DWI conviction on your permanent record. You may also need to hire an attorney if you’ve been arrested and taken to jail after failing a field sobriety test. A failed field sobriety test can have serious criminal consequences, and it’s critical that your attorney immediately contacts a professional Long Island DWI attorney to discuss the details of your case.

Perhaps you were arrested for disorderly conduct, and your Long Island lawyer thinks that you might have been arrested without the necessary provocation. In such a situation, your lawyer can explore the possibility that you were merely exercising your right to peacefully protest when the police became aggressive. If you were exercising your right to peacefully protest, and your peaceful counter-protesting did indeed lead to increased interaction with the police, then you may have grounds for a complaint against the arresting officers. This is especially true if the arresting officers failed to warn you that you were exercising your right to peacefully protest. A qualified Long Island criminal lawyer may be able to help you achieve the necessary remedies in this situation.

DWI charges often arise when a driver is caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, many times innocent people are wrongfully accused of DUI even when they actually are not driving under the influence at the time of their arrest. When this happens, a Long Island DWI lawyer should be retained immediately to review your case, to determine whether or not you have a legitimate claim of being charged with drunk driving, and to explore all possible avenues for getting the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Perhaps you were arrested because you are a flight risk. Perhaps you don’t own a car, and your employer does not allow you to drive. This can certainly create a dilemma for people who are accused of DWI or any other criminal offense because they are considered to be a flight risk. A qualified Long Island criminal lawyer should be retained immediately so that your rights are protected.

Perhaps you were arrested because you committed a non-felony traffic offense such as driving under the influence (DUI) or simple marijuana possession (if it’s legal). These are also very common crimes, but if you’re facing felony charges for these kinds of non-felony crimes, your chances of getting an acquittal are slim to none. Felonies are punished by sentences of more than a year to a maximum of life in prison. Even if you’ve been found guilty of one of these non-felony crimes, it’s still in your best interest to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney who has experience with these types of cases.

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