Piaggio For Sale – The Liberty

Founded in 1884, Piaggio is the largest scooter and motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Its brands include Aprilia, Derbi, Gilera, Ligier, Moto Guzzi, Vespa and Laverda.

Taking pride in the design and technology of their scooters, Piaggio For Sale  believes that mobility should be easy, fun and accessible to all people. Their new models feature the latest engine and safety technologies.

The Liberty is the perfect vehicle for those who want to get around in style while still being safe and comfortable. The sleek lines of this 50cc scooter are enhanced with chrome plated finishes and LED front lights.

It features a next generation i-get engine which puts out 3.2 HP (2.4 kW) of power at 7,500 rpm. This engine delivers a lot of torque too, especially at low speed so it’s ideal for urban traffic.

A new feature on the Liberty is the i-get Smart Drive, which helps make riding easier by allowing you to choose between different modes of operation. With ECO, you can save energy while you ride and achieve longer range, whilst Sport gives you a more powerful experience.

Another useful feature is the i-get Smart Speed, which allows you to set a maximum speed and the engine will automatically slow down if it senses you are going over the limit. The Liberty also has a digital fuel gauge and distance readout, which makes it incredibly easy to ride in busy cities.

Despite being such a lightweight model, the Liberty offers an excellent level of comfort, with a comfy seat and a well-padded backrest to ensure you stay comfortable during long rides. It is also equipped with an electrically unlocked seat and a glove box, as well as a speedo that displays fuel consumption, distance and more.

The scooter’s electric motor is rated at 350 watts and is controlled via a handlebar mounted button which toggles through three different riding modes. The Eco mode is designed for battery saving riding in heavy traffic and at modest speeds, whilst Sport offers a more progressive acceleration and a higher top speed.

This is a great option for those who are looking for an electric bike with a simple user interface. It has a user friendly 5.5-inch colour LCD display which is incredibly responsive and easy to use, with the i-get Smart Drive controlling all of the motor’s functions.

It is very quiet, which is an important feature for those who are not comfortable riding with lots of noise. It also has a very good braking system that is very efficient and reliable.

While it is not quite the power of a traditional large displacement motorcycle, the MP3’s performance is very satisfying on the highway and will leave you feeling confident on long trips away from the city. It is an ideal vehicle for those who are new to motorbikes but who want to feel they are able to tackle any road condition without having to worry about power or control.