New York City Licensed Electrical Contractor

A New York city licensed electrical contractor will perform any required work on your electrical system. A licensed contractor will perform the following tasks: Installation, repair, or replacement of electrical wiring, electrical apparatuses or equipment or other items used in electrical systems. This is a complex job requiring a trained professional and can result in a significant monetary loss. New York city licensed contractors are required by law to carry the proper identification cards.

Electrical work like, but not limited to; installing conduits, electrical outlets, lights, switches, panels, control panels, etc. require an approved electrical license before commencing the work, which takes up to six months to get. The process is fairly easy, as all you need is a copy of your contractor license.

The New York State Department of Labor publishes lists of licensed electrical contractors and the licensing status. A licensed contractor must maintain an electrical liability policy, which is designed to protect you from any liability that may arise as a result of their negligence. Additionally, if an accident occurs during the construction process the contractor’s insurance will cover the costs.

Electrical contractors must be bonded in order to legally operate within the state. The Department of Labor, Division of Construction and General Contractors (DGB), requires all licensed electrical contractors to maintain a certification from an approved body such as the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHIS) or the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

The NAHIS and NFPA do not require a license for the contractor to operate and do not require them to take out an insurance policy in order to continue doing business. In addition to the NAHIS and NFPA, there are several other organizations that may be able to help your contractor with recommendations about licensing requirements. The association that gives out the licenses is the International Code Council (ICC). They recommend several organizations for contractors to contact in regard to licensing requirements and what they consider to be the proper licensing procedure. You can also research on the Internet, how to determine if a particular state requires a license.

In New York city licensed electrical contractors are required by law to be registered with the New York Electrical Company Bureau. {E Board, where all of the contractor’s documents are kept. New York has an online electronic database that contains the information of all licensed contractors, as well as the phone numbers of licensing agencies. If you have any questions about your current electrical contractor, you should contact the company before starting any work with them. New York home inspectors do not typically give estimates, only the licensed electrical contractors.