Choosing a mobile bar company

When you need to hire a mobile bar for an event, it is important to find a company that includes bartenders in the design process. A professional bartender should be involved in the design process, as he or she understands the needs of a bartender. For example, ice is an essential ingredient in many cocktail recipes. It must be stored in a cool and protected space, and a drainage system will help keep ice fresher for longer.

When hiring a mobile bar, you’ll want to be sure to choose a company that is experienced and well-reviewed. Also, you should check whether they can offer both dry and wet bar hire. You’ll also want to be sure that the staff members who will be serving drinks are friendly and well-trained.

Check the quality of the materials that the mobile bar company uses. Many times, material quality is reflected in the price. A reputable mobile bar hire company will charge accordingly. Be wary of companies that try to sneak in hidden fees. Also, look for companies that offer several designs for their mobile bars.

Cost of hiring a mobile bar

Hiring a Mobile Bar is a fantastic way to add a fun and enjoyable element to your event. It is an excellent way to get the party started and to make the party go smoothly. In addition to helping to break the ice, a Mobile Bar can also be a great addition to a themed party. If you’re planning a themed party, it’s worth hiring a Mobile Bar as the staff will be dressed accordingly.

Mobile bars come with a variety of different packages that you can choose from, and the costs vary. The price of hiring a mobile bar will depend on the mix of drinks you choose, as well as any luxury add-ons you add. Prices for basic packages start at around PS15 per person, while the most expensive options can reach PS50 or more per head.

Features of a fully staffed bar

When hiring a fully staffed mobile bar service, you should ensure that the bartenders have the proper training, as well as the proper tools to perform their tasks. The mobile bar service provider should not overwork their staff or serve hundreds of guests at a time. In addition, they should have a clean workstation and well-trained handlers.

Among the basic features of a fully staffed mobile bar are stainless steel work surfaces, an insulated sink/ice bin with drain, and a glass rack storage area. Additionally, some bars have refrigeration and draft beer capabilities. Some mobile bars also have glass displays for merchandising high-end liquor. Mobile bars can be customized to meet specific requirements and are available in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Requirements to hire a mobile bar

When planning to hire a mobile bar, you will need to keep in mind some important factors. First, you need to determine the size of the venue. This will affect how many guests you can accommodate and how much space you need for the bar and other event pieces. Next, you need to consider the number of people you will need to install the mobile bar. Most bars are about 1.5 to 2 metres long and will require about a metre of space behind them.

A mobile bar can be as simple as a table and a few drinks, or as elaborate as a fully-stocked bar. Most of them come equipped with bartenders and serve beer, wine, and other hard liquors. Some even come with cotton candy carts and champagne.