Briggs & Riley Lifetime Guarantee

If you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s essential to have a quality suitcase. Having a good warranty can ensure that your luggage lasts for years to come and is fully functional for all of your travel needs.

A luggage lifetime warranty is a great way to protect your investment and give you peace of mind while you’re traveling. However, you should be aware of what’s available and the limitations on a lifetime warranty before you make your purchase.

A suitcase should be durable and reliable, which is why Briggs & Riley offers a lifetime guarantee on all of its bags. This means that they will repair your bag for free if it breaks or is damaged–even if it’s been trashed by an airline!

Nomatic Luggage

If you’re looking for a high-quality, sleek, and functional suitcase, then Nomatic is a great choice. Their bags are made of premium materials and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Eagle Creek No Matter What

Another great option is Eagle Creek. They make a variety of stylish backpacks, packing cubes, and soft suitcases that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers. They also offer a lifetime warranty on their products, which covers all manufacturing and workmanship defects.

They are more focused on the outdoors market than the executive business traveler, but their bags look great and you can trust them. They even offer a 100-day free trial to test their luggage before you buy.

Patagonia Ironclad Lifetime Warranty

One of the most popular brands in the outdoor world, Patagonia offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products. This means that they will cover all of your manufacturing and workmanship flaws for as long as you own the product, which is a fantastic way to ensure that you’ll never have to worry about repairing a suitcase again!

Nomatic Luggage

Nomatic is a fairly new brand to the travel gear market, but they are quickly becoming an industry leader. They design and manufacture super durable, sleek, and functional backpacks, luggage, and other travel gear that is perfect for digital nomads.

Their suitcases are also pretty awesome, so if you’re in the market for a new carry-on, this is definitely a brand to consider. They’re also relatively affordable, so if you’re on a budget but still want the best suitcase possible, this is a good choice.

They have a few different types of guarantees, which can get confusing but pay attention to the ones that apply to your particular purchase. The Werks Traveler 5.0, Lexicon, and Architecture Urban line of luggage all come with a global lifetime limited plus warranty that covers any damage, including airline damage, for the first five years.

The company has a few limitations, though: It doesn’t cover cosmetic damage or defects caused by third parties like airlines or hotels. You also have to provide proof of purchase for the warranty to be valid, so make sure that you have your receipt before sending in your luggage.