ATV Tours in Phoenix

Unlike quad bike tours, ATV tours allow passengers over the age of 16 to ride without a helmet. This means that even people with physical limitations can participate in the tour. Moreover, the activities are available year-round. If the weather is bad, the company will offer an alternate date to customers.

Off-road adventures

You can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in Arizona, including ATV tours. These excursions give you the chance to see the Sonoran Desert and other scenic areas. A certified guide will take you on an adventure through the wilderness. You’ll ford seasonal creeks, ascend rocky slopes, and zoom down flat desert trails.

If you’d rather explore nature on your own, you can also go on a self-guided desert tour. These tours take you through the rugged terrain and ancient mining towns of the region. The tours are about three hours long and include a briefing on safety and equipment. You’ll receive a helmet, face mask, and goggles. You can also sign up for group trips. However, bookings are per vehicle, so if you want to bring several people, you’ll need to create several bookings.

Safer than quad bike tours

ATV tours are safer than quad bike tours ATV tours Phoenix in many ways. Not only do they include a licensed guide, but riders are also provided with basic safety equipment. You can choose to start your tour anywhere in Phoenix. Some start north of the city, in Black Creek City, while others begin at the office of the tour operator. You can always find out where to meet the tour group and when the tour begins in advance.

ATV tours use trained guides who know the desert terrain well. These guides know the proper ways to drive safely and how to avoid hazards. They also have permits for Bureau of Land Management, Tonto National Forest, and State Trust lands. These permits are necessary to make the tour experience as safe as possible. ATV tours in Phoenix are more expensive than quad bike tours, but they’re worth it if the ride is safe and memorable.

Educational experiences

ATV tours in Phoenix allow visitors to experience the beauty of the Arizona desert. The desert is home to cacti and deep canyons carved by flash floods. These tours provide scenic and educational rides through the desert. You will also be able to see an abundance of desert wildlife.

Available year-round

ATV tours in Phoenix are a great way to enjoy Arizona’s desert. Some operators offer custom tours where passengers can experience the city’s desert by ATV. You’ll get to see desert wildlife and even explore an abandoned mineshaft. The tours typically last around three hours and cost around $165 per person.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet and scenic experience or a more challenging ride, ATV tours in Phoenix are a great way to experience Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. The rugged, desert landscapes are not for the faint of heart. Guests can expect to cross seasonal creeks, traverse sandy washes, and climb rocky slopes.