Affordable SPC Flooring

When it comes to choosing new flooring, many homeowners must strike a balance between style and durability. Fortunately,Affordable SPC Flooring in Los Angeles – MMY Flooring offers the best of both worlds. This durable, moisture-resistant flooring option can be an excellent choice for busy areas of your home, such as the kitchen or living room. The durability of SPC can also make it a good choice for a home gym or other high-traffic rooms. In addition, SPC can be a great alternative to more expensive wood floors, such as engineered wood or solid hardwood.

SPC stands for Stable Polymer Composite, and this unique material is made from a blend of traditional vinyl flooring materials. The blend consists of a rigid core, a wear layer, and printed graphics. The core is designed to be stable and can withstand moisture and other damage. The wear layer acts as a protective barrier for the design layers, which are crafted to mimic a wide variety of styles and aesthetics. The thickness of the wear layer can impact how well the floor resists scratches and dents. Thicker options tend to be more resistant to damage and offer a better overall performance.

In terms of pricing, SPC flooring typically starts at around $2.50 per square foot, but can go as high as $8 per square foot for luxury SPC plank (LVP) or luxury SPC tile (LVT). The price of SPC flooring depends on the thickness and quality of its core and wear layer. A thicker, more resilient core and wear layer is often more expensive. However, this flooring can last longer and provide a more attractive look and feel than traditional vinyl flooring.

Another factor that impacts the price of SPC flooring is its installation costs. Since this type of flooring is designed to be easy to install, it can save you money on labor fees. Most SPC boards snap together and float over the subfloor, meaning that they can be installed without needing to be glued or nail down. This method of installation can be done by a homeowner or, in some cases, a professional flooring installer.

Most SPC flooring comes with an attached underlayment for added sound reduction, comfort, and heat insulation. The underlayment is usually IXPE or EVA and varies in thickness from 1mm to 2mm. The thicker underlayment is more comfortable and helps to reduce impact noise. This underlay also offers better heat and sound insulation than traditional vinyl flooring. SPC underlayment is also safer than most other flooring materials and can be made to meet level E0 formaldehyde standards.

SPC flooring is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to match your new floors with the decor of your space. It can also mimic the look of various types of hardwood and even stone, allowing you to find an aesthetic that is perfectly suited to your home. In addition, this type of flooring can be installed in areas that would normally require a moisture-resistant product, such as bathrooms and kitchens.