The Toronto to Vancouver Train

Train travel is a great way to explore Canada. From Toronto to Vancouver, you can see the landscape from your seat and enjoy the comfort of a train ride. Trains offer a variety of seating options and price points, making it easy to find a train that suits your budget. The train is also a great option for people who are unable to fly due to physical limitations or allergies.

The Canadian is VIA Rail’s flagship train, offering three classes: Economy, Sleeper Plus, and Prestige. The latter two are recommended for the four-day journey because they include meals and a private cabin. All classes are a diverse mix of travellers and locals. In Sleeper Plus, you’ll find young backpackers and adventurous families; in Prestige, the crowd is older and affluent.

VIA Rail offers three meal seatings for the Canadian: early, regular, and late. You’ll get to choose your seating for the first day’s lunch at check-in, and the rest of the meals will be served on a first come, first serve basis (the exception being breakfast on the last day).

While it isn’t quick, taking the train from Toronto to Vancouver Canada Rail Vacations will give you the time to fully appreciate Canada’s stunning scenery. This is especially true if you book seats in the Vista car, which provides wide-angle windows and a glass ceiling to let the sun flood the cabin. It’s the best car to take photos from, so you might want to bring your camera or phone!

You’ll be able to stretch out and relax on the reclining chairs, which will help you make the most of the views. The train is quiet, so you’ll be able to sit back and read a book or catch up with friends. You can also bring snacks or drinks to keep you hydrated and fed throughout the journey.

While there’s no Wi-Fi onboard, the Canadian will go through some beautiful, remote locations where cell signal may be spotty. Embrace the disconnected and use this time to enjoy some real conversation with family and friends or simply to relax and unwind.

The train also stops in some smaller towns along the way where you’ll be able to stretch your legs and visit a local pub or shop for souvenirs. Keep an eye out for local artists who board the train and perform live music in the lounge cars. They usually perform for tips, so it’s a fun way to pass the time! Remember, you’ll need a valid eTA (electronic travel authorization) to enter Canada. Obtain one online ahead of time to save yourself the hassle and expense of arriving at the border. Skratch has partnered with Sherpa to offer simple, trusted eTA applications. Click here to learn more. To get started, just answer a few questions about your trip!