Senior Assisted Living in Marietta, GA

Assisted living

Seniors can enjoy a high level of independence and quality of life in an assisted living community in Marietta. The city offers about 40 assisted living communities and the average cost of assisted living in Marietta is $3,750 per month. This figure is close to the national average and $300 lower than the state average. The city is located near top-rated healthcare facilities and has a wide range of amenities.

Residents can also take advantage of a wide range of programs and services offered by the local Area Agency on Aging. Seniors can participate in music, art, exercise classes, and group crafts. The department also provides transportation assistance, long-term care options counseling, and care management.

Memory care

Memory care is a type of long-term care that is geared to older adults who are struggling with everyday tasks. It can help residents with activities of daily living (ADLs) like dressing, bathing, and eating, and it can help them manage their medications. Memory care facilities are also known as assisted living communities and are often for those who have been diagnosed with dementia.

One of the Marietta, GA, memory care facilities is the Madea Home. This senior care marietta ga community provides daily activities, medication administration, and storage, as well as special lighting and toileting assistance around-the-clock. The staff is trained in the care of dementia-stricken residents and can help them maintain a good quality of life. The facility can accommodate up to three older adults at a time.

Social engagement

In addition to skilled nursing care, many senior living communities offer activities that foster resident engagement. Activities may include volunteer work and spiritual exploration. Prospective residents should observe group activities and see which resources are available to them. Some communities provide computer and tablet use, library access, woodworking supplies, and walking trails.

The goal of senior living communities is to encourage healthy aging. This approach has reduced the cost of senior care. Compared to a traditional nursing home, an apartment at a community for seniors can cost less than half as much. These communities are vibrant hubs of activity. They offer wellness resources, healthy meals, and the support of trained caregivers.


Costs vary widely between facilities, but the average monthly cost for assisted living in Marietta is $3,750. This is slightly lower than the national average, which is $4,051. Marietta has many amenities, and Georgia’s senior-friendly tax laws make it an affordable place to live.

Assisted living communities in Marietta range in size from small residential homes to large communities. The size of the residential care homes depends on the level of care you require, but generally, you can expect a ratio of one caregiver to two or three residents. Larger communities typically feature 50 to 200 residents and are located in commercial areas. Large assisted living facilities may include a Memory Wing.