Long distance piano movers can help you move your piano

Long distance piano movers can help you move your piano from one home to another, whether you’re moving across the country or internationally. They will carefully pack and transport your instrument, protecting it from damage as they do so. They will also help you reassemble your piano at its destination. You should choose a piano moving company that offers full service to save time and stress during your relocation.

The best long distance piano movers fort lauderdale are highly experienced and use specialized equipment to transport your piano safely. They will know how to disassemble your piano, wrap it in blankets and straps, and maneuver it through narrow hallways and staircases. Pianos are heavy and oblong in shape, so they require special handling techniques to avoid damaging them. Long distance piano movers can also offer storage services for your piano if necessary.

When choosing a long-distance piano moving service, consider the following factors:

Piano weight and size: The larger and heavier your piano is, the more expensive it will be to move. This is because the movers will need to use extra labor and equipment to lift it. Pianos are also more delicate than other types of household furniture, so they break more easily. Antique and vintage pianos are especially fragile, and movers may charge more to handle them.

Type of piano: Upright and grand pianos are the most common types of pianos, but there are also baby grand, petite grand, and spinet pianos. Each type of piano presents unique challenges, but all types of pianos are difficult to move, even for seasoned NYC movers. For example, a petite grand piano can be too tall to fit through a standard door. Piano movers will need to disassemble the legs and pedal extensions and use special dollies to get the piano through the door.

Piano type and condition: Pianos are a delicate and expensive musical instrument, so you’ll want to hire the best piano movers for your move. Look for a service that specializes in moving all kinds of musical instruments. You should also find out how much the service costs and if it includes any packing materials.

Pricing system: The prices of long-distance piano movers vary, but they generally base their rates on the item’s weight and distance. In addition, they will typically include a basic valuation coverage as part of the total cost. For a more detailed quote, you should request an in-home or virtual home assessment from the company.

Founded in 1948, Atlas Van Lines has a strong nationwide partner network and a large fleet of vehicles to move households of any size. The company’s moving teams are trained in specialty services such as crating for fragile and antique items, and a dedicated move manager will oversee your entire move to ensure it goes smoothly. They can even assist you with international moves, arranging customs forms and coordinating the delivery of your piano to its new home.