How to Find a Westchester Per Diem Attorney

In the fast-paced legal landscape of Westchester County, it is not always possible for lawyers to provide comprehensive support to their clients. For these situations, per diem attorneys are an effective solution. These freelance attorneys are capable of handling a wide range of legal matters, including court appearances, depositions, and administrative proceedings. They can be hired for one-off engagements or for regular caseload coverage. To find the best westchester per diem attorney for your needs, you can browse the detailed law firm and lawyer profiles. Each profile provides important information like the lawyer’s experience, education and training, and client recommendations. In addition, you can find out whether an attorney has a history of malpractice claims or other significant disciplinary issues.

Can I Hire a Per Diem Lawyer for Calendar Calls, Preliminary Conferences, Status Conferences, IME’s, Defense Examinations, 50-H Hearings, Substantive Motion Hearings, Real Estate Closings & More?

Per diem attorneys are available to handle any matter in any court or part in New York and New Jersey. They are familiar with all aspects of civil litigation, including discovery, trial preparation, and settlement negotiations. They also have a strong understanding of workers’ compensation and personal injury matters. Additionally, they have extensive experience with a wide array of administrative proceedings, including licensing applications and disciplinary cases.

While the ABA rules on conflicts of interest do not require that a per diem lawyer disclose to clients that he or she is appearing on behalf of another law firm, those rules do impose obligations on both the hiring lawyer and the per diem lawyer. Generally, the hiring lawyer should make reasonable efforts to ensure that the participation of the per diem lawyer does not violate Rule 1.10. For example, the hiring lawyer should maintain a record of engagements and a system by which proposed engagements are checked for conflicts of interest.

Similarly, the per diem lawyer should check for conflicts and disclose any such conflicts to the hiring lawyer. In addition, both the hiring and per diem lawyers should comply with local customs of practice for the courts and parts in which they appear.

For example, the per diem lawyer should be familiar with any requirements concerning a matter’s filing and service of process. The hiring and per diem lawyers should also follow any other relevant rules and policies, such as those regarding local rules of court practice and local disciplinary procedures.