Aluminium Windows Swansea

The best aluminium windows swansea are designed to provide superior performance and long-lasting durability. Typically finished in durable powder coat colours and with a wide range of handles, they are easy to maintain and will stay looking new for years to come. They are available in a range of colours including the popular grey, anthracite and black and can be combined with different glazing options to suit your individual home style.

Aluminium windows are also much stronger than uPVC windows so you can be sure your home will be secure. This strength means that the frames can be thinner and this allows more light to flow through the window. You can also have larger areas of glass in your aluminium windows without worrying about the frame strength.

Modern aluminium window profiles are designed to maximise energy efficiency. They do this by incorporating a polyamide thermal break which helps to separate the cold air outside from the warm air inside your home. This boosts insulation without increasing the overall frame thickness and allows you to achieve a good window energy rating or U-Value, helping your home to stay warmer and save on heating costs.

Another key benefit of aluminium windows is that they are less susceptible to draughts than other window styles. This is because the aluminium itself is naturally strong and there are no extra reinforcements required in the frames, unlike uPVC which is often reinforced with steel in order to increase its strength and durability.

Aesthetically, aluminium windows are very popular with homeowners because of the sleek, contemporary appearance they bring to a property. This is largely thanks to their slim sightlines which are made possible by the strong aluminium frame and allow you to enjoy generous uninterrupted views from your home.

It is important to remember that while some aluminium brands are rated better than others, there are few ‘bad’ aluminium windows. Almost all aluminium systems are built to similar quality and production standards, which is why they often perform equally well. Problems such as leaking or drafty windows are usually down to incorrect manufacturing or installation rather than the aluminium itself.

There are three key features common to all aluminium windows that you should look for when selecting the right ones for your home. These include a good window energy rating or U-Value, meeting the requirements stipulated by Building Regulations for safety and ventilation, and a high standard of security. All of these features are easily achieved with the vast majority of aluminium windows on the market today.

The best aluminium systems companies also offer a choice of locking points for their windows. Some are standard while others, such as Reynaers and Schuco, work with high-end lock companies such as Yale or Roto, that are widely regarded to offer the best hardware on the market.